Friday, October 4, 2013

My Dilemma...

I really want to go back to school to her my Bachelor's in Business however my interest lies in meeting planning / hospitality management which is a completely separate degree. I feel I would be able to put the more generic degree to work for me however I'm insure if it will be as well received in the meeting planning world as the more specific degree. That's only one dilemma I'm facing. 

My daughter is starting college this fall which means we are visiting schools, she's taking SAT's, filling out applications and working with her school counselor to make sure she has her sucks in a row. I'm afraid if I go back to school, apply for financial aid before we complete her financial aid it will mess something up for her. I know the solution is to talk to someone in financial aid and I plan to but do I bother going back to school next fall at almost 42 years old (that's what I'll turn in 2014)? That's the biggest dilemma.