Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Advice: Good, Bad or Indifferent, It All Matters

Advice is freely given however not so easily taken. Even when not solicited advice can be helpful, yes even bad advice. The bad advice will help with sorting out the good advice given or at the very least help determine the next steps to be taken no matter what the situation. The good advice you will know right away, you’ll feel it.

When I was a teenager I worked in a retirement community dining room as a server providing breakfast and dinner to the residents. I don’t remember the incident that caused me to be sitting in the director’s office, waiting, feeling like I was in the principal’s office at school waiting for my punishment, this is where I received the best advice that sticks with me even now so many years later.

The advice I was given can be utilized in any situation. The beauty is in the generalization and simplicity. Can you fix it? (NO) Can you change it? (NO) if you can’t fix it or change it then why worry about it?

Worrying about something you cannot control will only drive you crazy. Let it go. Move on. Take what you need and form a plan of action then act.

While this may be redundant, it bears repeating, the best thing to do with any advice; bad, good or indifferent…
Ø  Listen carefully. You may actually get one nugget that helps.
Ø  Ignore what doesn't ‘feel’ right. Trust your instincts.
Ø  Great advice will resonant with you and help you move forward.
Ø  Sleep on it. Sleeping helps the unconscious mind work through the advice given helping pin point the important nuggets.

The best advice I can give when listening to or taking advice from someone, is always do what you feel is right for you and NEVER blame the person that gave you the advice you decided to take. It’s your decision no matter what the outcome.