Thursday, September 17, 2015

Being A Single Parent... easy, said no one ever!!

Now I don't complain about being a single parent, I didn't have to share the hugs, snuggles, hand holding or kisses when she was little. I also didn't get to share the 3 am fevers, bloody noses (allergies) or hospital visits. But still not complaining, she is my little girl even at almost 20 years old. 

Some of the most difficult times come when I've lost a job or simply don't make enough to pay bills. This year has been a rough one, I lost my job in January. Now that she is older my daughter is very aware of what's going on, especially since I am home almost everyday searching, talking and interviewing. When she was younger it was easier to keep her from knowing and stressing. I think this year with what's happened she is as stressed as I am about my situation. In reality it is our situation since I pay all the bills, household, cell phone, her car payment, insurance...everything. I wish she didn't know the struggle, that she was that innocent little girl that felt lucky to have mom home from work early.

I believe that from my struggle this year my daughter will learn a valuable lesson at a young age, one I wish I had learned, to be prepared for such an work, job, position for almost a year.

Now heading into fall with all the activities we love to do will be even more stressful than before (no job / disposable income vs. limited disposable income). At least with limited disposable income we could participate in some of the events.

I hope learning this lesson will help my daughter prepare and make sure she has a safety net so if she falls victim to a lay off the stress won't be as horrible on her as it has been on me. I know for sure once I am actively working again I will begin building a safety net for me so this does not happen again.