Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well the first realtor didn't call at all on Monday so I kept my originaly appointment with the second realtor to put in a bid on the second house I saw on Sunday.

I spent two hours with the realtor on Monday night placing a bid...the house was listed at $183,700 but you wouldn't believe the work it needed so I bid at $127,500 with the seller paying all closing costs and 48 hours to respond.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning, Tabitha had an orthodontists appointment at 8am after we were finished there and I dropped her off at school I got a phone call from the second realtor. He said that they flat out declined my offer because the sellers received another offer of upwards of $160,000...that's more than $30,000 more than my offer.

I called my sister to let her know as we both loved the house for me she thought that might not be true about the offer. My feeling, if that's how the owner wants to play it that's their issue not mine. The sellers will need to sit with a house that will not sell if the offer was not real.

If it was menat to be then it would have been...

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