Thursday, December 27, 2012

Projects, projects, projects...

People typically wait until warmer weather to begin projects that require some outdoor time, sanding / painting furniture. Not me! I've decided to start working on the spare room in my home to turn it into my craft / sewing room and a place where I can wrap presents without having to tear apart my dining room to wrap. Most of the items used for either crafts or sewing are in the basement, my sewing machine is still in the box, stored in my office closet and only pulled out when I need to sew something. The wrapping paper, tape, bows and all that are in the basement, makes it a pain when I need to quickly wrap a gift.
The room I'm redoing was the room I set up for my niece and nephew when they come over but since they don't really spend the night that often I've decided to take over the room. So I've listed some furniture on a popular website for sale, created a list of projects I need to complete and the supplies I will need. Today my daughter and I spent the day running around from one place to another completing errands. In the middle of all that we visited 3 thrift stores so I could search for the table I had pictured in my mind to use for my sewing machine. We found it at the third store, thankfully, because I was beat! 
Well the table needs some love but I'm sure after sanding and painting it white, it'll be just adorable. I'm thinking about painting the legs and one of the "wings" a different color to add some interest. I figure this can be used as my sewing table and if I want to paint or hot glue something I can open a "wing" and use it then drop it when not in use. This will work...

I found a couple of ideas on Pinterest that I plan on putting into place in this room. Great way to save space and limit the amount of furniture in the room, considering the space I need to conserve all the space I can by utilizing the walls for storage. I found this great piece that can store my threads and am going to modify it slightly so it will work for my paints as well.
This is the most adorable, effective way I've found to store thread. It also adds a great bit of color to the room as well by simply displaying this way. This is also the piece I'm going to modify to fit my paints & brushes. This will eliminate a cabinet from being brought upstairs from the basement. Simplicity is key in this room because there will be enough going on in it without adding a bunch of clutter. I'll post pics as I progress.

Wish me luck! 

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