Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm Laney

I’m Laney and for those of you that don’t know me I’m Laney (inside joke). I am scatterbrained, unfocused, forgetful, diligent, nitpicky, opinionated but I don’t judge (you are who you are), OCD, ADD, nuts, fun, sometimes funny, outlandish, ridiculously loyal to those I love and let into my life. A friend you want by your side whether it’s just watching a movie, getting bailed out of jail or getting drunk, good times / bad times I don’t leave (kinda like a little pest. J) but not the person you want standing on the opposite side of you, I can be very mean. Honest, trustworthy, demanding, giving, loving, busy, single mom, forgetful, dependable, remembers the oddest things but not when they are needed; like playing a trivia game – HA, hardworking, supportive, loves books, movies, TV, music, goofing around or being serious, have a fabulously dirty mind, thinks bathroom jokes are funny. I fart, burp and puke when needed, of course I have manners I’m not a heathen after all. J. I am who I am and I expect others to be themselves around me as well. For those that really truly know me (and you know who you are) love me for me, no questions asked and I love everyone in my life as they are, farting, puking or stumbling like idiots, that’s when we have the most fun. It’s when people pretend to be what they think others want them to be that I get turned off. Be you, do you! Love, fart, tell dirty jokes if that’s you. If people judge then they don’t need to be around, don’t accept me as I am – unconditionally then BYE! Only positive, trustworthy, non-judgmental people apply. We are all different that’s why each one of us is special, not everyone will get along but everyone should be civil, don’t be fake, don’t pretend to care or like me because I’ve met you once or because I work with you. Get to know me, understand me and if you still don’t like me – fine, we tried. Don’t walk away because of one bad feeling, learn to talk through issues, no tip toeing around them, it doesn’t solve anything to handle life that way. And if you walk away and try to come back, remember one simple thing, YOU THREW AWAY THAT FRIENDSHIP NOT ME! ATTACK LIFE! Live it! You only get one ride on the merry-go-round, that you remember, so enjoy it with people you love and love you! 


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