Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Losing My Baby...

This morning started off as a typical morning, me running around trying to get myself out the door on time, then I realize my daughter is up and about. That meant today is Wednesday, August 27th the first day of her freshman year in college...WOW. We left the house at just about the same time, me a couple of seconds before her. While I'm driving; running through my mind is how much she has grown from that very curious cute little girl to a young woman. I hit a red light, look in my rear view mirror and there she is driving to pick up her friend before school, I started crying. I am overcome with emotions: pride, a little bit of sadness and a whole lot of awe.

Time has flown by so quickly, it seems like just last week she was a sweet little 5 year old starting kindergarten ready to take on the world and completely proud of herself for being able to read (not recite) the alphabet backwards on the board.

Tabbie has grown from that loving little girl to a confident, intelligent, compassionate, strong-willed, independent young lady starting college and beginning her next chapter.

While I may feel on some level that I'm losing my baby...

I am without a doubt gaining a wonderful new adult in my life and I look forward to that new adventure.

(Tabbie is the bald one in the pic below.)

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