Thursday, April 7, 2016

American Idol Finale

Are you an American Idol fan? I absolutely LOVED the horrible auditions, Paula, Simon and Randy cracking up openly, all the goofiness. I watched more for that than the actual contest. I watched the first few season then quickly became bored. Can’t explain why, there was just something not holding my attention any longer. However, when I found out this would be the last ever season of American Idol I made sure to watch every single episode. Right from the beginning I had my favorites, La’Porsha, Dalton, Trent, Emily and Olivia Rox – her name alone is enough for me to want her to win. As the field narrowed from 24, to 12 to the top 5 La’Porsha quickly overtook every other contestant in my mind. Before we talk winner, let’s talk about that finale. WOW!

If I was asked to describe tonight’s American Idol Finale – EPIC – would be the only word to come to mind. The talent, the showmanship, the music, the energy, the performances…EPIC! I would expect nothing less after crowning 14 winners and preparing to crown one final winner.

The performances were amazing, typically when watching a show with so many performances there is at least one that stands out as a miss for me – not tonight. I had forgotten how powerful and intoxicating Jennifer Hudson’s voice was – pure magic. Perhaps my favorite collaboration was the country mash up with several American Idol alums, especially Scotty McCreery singing Garth Brooks’ hit Papa Loves Mama.

By time the tribute to the late, great David Bowie started I forgot I was watching the final episode of American Idol. Instead it reminded me of the ‘old school’ music awards shows where the performances were many and the speeches were few. So many powerful performances, guest appearances and emotions – now for the winner! My choice remains La’Porsha but there is no way I could possibly vote enough to fix the outcome. Wink.

The winner – TRENT HARMON!! I believe that was a surprise to a lot of people including the judges. Jennifer Lopez looked totally surprised, expecting the season favorite to win as well. 

Congratulations Trent Harmon!

I’m sure I can speak for millions of American’s when I say…here’s to a fabulous career doing what you love, Trent, have fun and live your dream. Class act all the way.

On a final note – Ryan was signing off with his famous line “and one more time, this is so tough, we say to you from Hollywood goodnight America – for now.” Maybe we will see another fabulous show with Ryan as the host? Only time will tell.

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