Friday, July 27, 2007

Dealing with Placement Agencies

Job hunting is scary, tedious, enlightening, disappointing and exhausting. Anyone that has ever search for a job has felt these emotions and no doubt many more.

The search typically includes the weekly and daily newspapers, various internet job sites, a network of friends and collegues and quite possibly parents of your childs teammates.

Over the years of job searches in various cities I have learned the most effective way to get your resume out there is to register with two or three placement agencies. More than three agencies and it becomes difficult to keep them straight.

Choosing the right agency for you is not as easy as it might first appear. Temporary or placement agencies are a dime a dozen, the trick is to check our each agency you are interested in. Are their job listings in the area where you want to work? Are the posted salaries in your range? Are they easy to contact, website, fax, or phone?

During your search you find a position perfect for you. Duties and qualifications, check! Salary range - check. Location and hours - check and check! Now comes the easy part right?

Send your resume to the email address listed in the posting, wait for them to be wowed and call you with a job offer.


The problem with placement agencies recruiters is they can become so overwhelmed with responses to a particular job posting they won't or can't contact everyone that responded to the posting.

The key with agencies is to treat them just like any other company you've sent your resume to.
  1. A couple of hours after you send your resume, call to verify someone received it. This lets them know you're not just sending your resume all over town to any position you come across. Leave a message if necessary and make a note to call again the next day.
  2. Now that you know who should have your resume for the posting you responded to, call them. Again, leave a message if you cannot get them on the phone. "Hi, I'm (insert name, first and last) I (faxed, emailed) my resume yesterday in response to (be specific here, know what position you are talking about). I would like to discuss this position and an interview time that is convienent for you. Please call me at (leave whatever phone number is easiest to reach you)." Hopefully the recruiter will call back and set up an interview.
  3. After the interview be sure to send a handwritten thank you note. Yes, it is an agency however the recruiter at the agency is the one to sell you to the prospective employer. Keep the recruiter on your good side. The note will ensure that she/he remembers who you are.
  4. Even after you get the position with the company it doesn't hurt to thank the recruiter from the agency again. It can be with a handwritten note, an email or even a phone call. It will be greatly appreciated by the recruiter and they will definitly be ready to help you in the future should you need it. If you don't need it, you've just added one more to your network that you can refer a friend to.

Placement Agencies may be a dime a dozen but if you look hard enough you'll find the diamond you're looking for.

More tomorrow on placement agencies...possibly.


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