Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Looking for a New Beginning

I have never blogged before however as it is becoming more and more popular even in the business world I feel it's time I started.

The intention of this blog is for business reasons, to discuss the days events in the office, current events in the news in relation to work and/or open discussions about problem solving.

I chose the name Shifting Gears because I am at a time in my professional career where I am looking to shift gears and find a new position in a new company for new and exciting challenges.

Yes I am looking, however great everyone says the job market is it is difficult to find a "perfect" position for me and my skill set. I am probably being very particular in what city I would like to work in, my salary and hours. But being a single mom I need to be very particular in my job, scratch that career search. I can find a job anywhere, just about anyone can. What I am looking for is a position with a stable company that offers challenges, new learning experiences and people that are great to work with.

This may be asking a lot but I'm up for the challenge.

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