Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Crazy but wonderful time of year.

This has been one busy, crazy, hectic year. 2011 has definitely been better than 2010. I've had my challenges, storms in August still trying to get the house together in December but overall a good year. We've settled in a bit more into our home. My daughter is a Sophomore in HS, talking about colleges, what she wants to do with her life and what I want to do with mine. 

Yes, what to do with my life. My daughter will be off to college in a few years and I will still be young enough to do what I want and have a great time doing it. First things first though...

I have a job that I thought could be a career but it turns out that it is nothing more than a job. There is really no room for advancement - not really unless I want to be an outside salesperson, I've been there over 4 years and not one raise, not even a cost of living increase, really depressing. If I completely let it get to me then I would truly be depressed, confined to a bed, on medication and not living life. It might be time to move on and that might also depress me a bit. I've come to love most of the people I work with and have developed great relationships with them. But I come first! Relationships can be maintained.

Just found this old draft, it's a year later and sad new is I do still feel the same way in year 5 with this company. Not sure why I am always anxious and antsy after a few years with one company but it has been a constant in my working life. I think if I sit here & analyze too much I'll talk myself into moving on before it's really time. As with everything in my life, it all happens for a reason. When the time is right I will feel it.

Checking out some other drafts while I'm here. :)

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