Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday stress with a moody teenager...

It's just me and my daughter at home (she's 16, three months shy of 17), you would think the house would stay clean or at the very least neat. Sometimes I just want to walk around with a giant vacuum and suck everything up so it's just gone.

Until last night my kitchen was the only clean part of my house, the living room is a mess and only made worse by my daughter  and her friend working on a physics project. Somewhere along the lines on Tuesday night they ate and left the dishes on a small table in there. I didn't notice because I had not stepped foot in the living room really since Monday. Yesterday all she had to do was clean up her mess including the water bottles (one shoved under the couch and another on top of the couch). Her laptop was tossed on one of the couches which drives me NUTS! That's no way to treat an expensive piece of equipment. 

She was told to do the dishes (left in the sink since Tuesday, today is now Thursday) last night. Her response, "I'll do them when I do them", oh boy did that cause a fight! Who did she think she was talking to me, her mother, like that?? I was so floored I told her she better come right home from school, "I'm not coming right home I'm staying after to work on my project so I don't screw up my junior year like you always tell me". Let's just say at this point I was ready to toss her out in the cold, I was not going to listen to this nor deal with the attitude. We both went to bed angry and I woke up that way this morning. All things piled up and now completely stressed, aggravated and done being the maid, alarm clock and personal bank. I wish as kids the one lesson they would learn (and wish I knew when I was a kid), just do what your told or asked right away, it saves a ton of grief in the long run.

All my rambling has a point...this time of year while normally the most wonderful time of year is also very stressful for all of us, kids included. They feed off their parents moods and often wind up being in a worse one than us. She had three projects due this week, her last week in school before Winter Break...that in itself is pure stress. I get it.

I'm stressed not because of work, the last two weeks before Christmas normally slow down for me, but because I'm trying to bake cookies for everyone (70 dozen or so), make sure I have the perfect Christmas presents for everyone in my family and of course keeping the house clean. Nothing worse than a messy house with a beautiful Christmas tree front and center. 

Step back, take a breath and remember this too shall pass.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!

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