Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Which is worse...

Being dismissed or not being acknowledged by a boss?

At this point I'm torn. Not being acknowledged means I can go about my business day to day, do my work an not be bothered. However in both instances it is almost like I don't exist on any level. It's actually very disturbing.

I'm used to being dismissed, there is a SVP here at the company that will pick up his cell phone when he's done with the conversation...dismissive. However that same VP will stop and acknowledge my presence if he sees me in the hall or simply around the building. (Point of fact...that SVP was the one that hired me.)

As I write this I'm become firmer in my opinion that not being acknowledged is worse than being dismissed. At least when you are dismissed that person acknowledged you in the first place to have that short conversation or exchange. 

Thoughts? Comments?

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