Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How do you move on when there is nowhere to go?

I don't mean move on like you do from a broken relationship. How do you move on from a job that you semi like, which is more than some can say, to another when there are no opportunities? 

Do you stay in an almost dead end position or do you jump in head first and pray for the best? I say almost dead end position because as of right now there are only two places to go outside and / or my boss' position; neither of which I want.

So then the question becomes if you jump where to go? New position / company possibly making less money, start a company and hope it takes off like a rocket and stays the course or start the company but with a partner?

These are all questions that run through my head each and every day, several times a day. I am grateful for the position / job that I have however like most others on the planet I wonder if there is something better, more challenging, more rewarding. Maybe volunteer work is the best choice at this point in time...

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